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4-Ps and international marketing: compare Nike and Reebok

Please answer each question

1). Does the use of an internet approach change your tactical mix (the 4-Ps) on international marketing via the Internet. In what ways? Give examples.

2). Compare the efforts of two similar companies and their international internet marketing. Visit the US, UK, and Chinese websites for Nike and Reebok. Explain who did the best job of marketing, and why.

** You can change countries at the bottom of the home page of both websites.

3).Please identify and explain the top 5 reasons the internet may NOT be successful when used as part of an international marketing plan.

4). Why does a global sales force cause special compensation problems? Suggest some alternative solutions.


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Answer 1

At the international level, the use of internet approach has a drastic impact over the tactical mix of an organization (Boone & Kurtz, 2006). It changes all four P's of marketing mix, product price place and promotion. With the growing internet based connectivity with the company's partners, suppliers and customers, e-business has become the key to any businesses (Kotler, 2002).

Various organizations are using Internet approach to expand their target market and serve the customers with high quality product within low prices (Boone & Kurtz, 2006). Internet approach enables the company to open new markets and also offer improved services to the existing customers (Kotler, 2002). For example, Wal-Mart is seeking to increase its customers by using internet marketing and increased creativity in marketing and advertising operations (Fashion-Fox, 2008).

Answer 2

Internet marketing of both Nike and Reebok is very good to attract the consumer at the international level (Kotler, 2002). Although both the companies have addressed the needs and demands of the consumers as per the cultural and social environment of the country but the internet marketing strategies of Nike Inc. are more effective and efficient than the strategies of Reebok (Nike Inc., 2009).

In my point of view, Nike has pushed a tone product as per the demographic area (How to Market Online: Nike Gets It, 2008). It has categorized its entire product range with a good display at the home page of the company's website. This becomes easier for the consumer to analyze the product, which is a positive point of Nike's strategy (Nike ...

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The solution examines the 4-Ps and international marketing. Nike and Reebok are compared. The global sales force causes special compensation problems are determined.