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    Website Critique E-Commerce

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    In critiquing Nike's e-commerce website from the perspective of a consumer, what are your thoughts on their performance in the following areas:

    - Colors
    - Design
    - Interactivity
    - User-friendly
    - Bandwith sensitivity
    - Use of technology
    - Navigation

    When analyzing site features, consider the impact on the customer and the benefits to the business.

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    Website Analysis: Nike's website is authentic. It specifically targets the athletic demographic in women, men, and children. It has an exciting first impression that inspires one to be physically active. A consumer instantly discovers what the organization has to offer which is what most consumers require from any e-commerce website. The element of brand messaging is very strong in which it conveys the message of physical fitness, speed, and style.

    Colors: I find that the colors of the website are consistent from page-to-page. It has a basic color scheme that is flattering to the eye. The webpage itself is classic and simple. Product items easily stand out because the webpage does not draw attention away from the product instead it establishes visual appeal. Products are the only entity on the website with bright, bold colors.

    Design: All of the critical components of a fully functioning e-commerce website are evident. The website gives consumers a wide array of option to customize certain products to meet their specific needs. In comparison to other websites, Nike.com has various links that ...

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    The expert examines website critiques for e-commerce. Performance perspectives in areas are provided.