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    Critique of the Current e-Commerce Program and Activity of eBay

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    A summary of ebay's ecommerce program and how it can be improved.

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    Online business is a trend of the present and the future.
    The potential income for a online auction market is worth billions because the market is the entire world. The concept of a worldwide flea market was so attractive and hard to resist because online business can operate 24/7. On the other hand, online business allows customers full service experience where they could bid, purchase, and provide payments online
    The online auction industry is a very competitive venture. The online auction industry conducted several different types of auctions. These auctions were the Dutch Auction, Reserve Price Auction, Express Auction and the Fixed Price/Buy it now. Several major competitors dominated the focused market of the case study, the C2C auction market; these competitors were Yahoo! Auctions, Amazon.com, BidBay, Priceline.com, and ...

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    The solution provides a critique of the current e-commerce program and activity of eBay.