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    Describe some of the current dynamics in the firm's industry

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    Select a company with a significant e-commerce strategy. (Alternatively, if you have entrepreneurial aspirations, use your own entrepreneurial business model as the context for analysis). This company could either be your own home work organization or it could be another organization of your choice or choose the entrepreneurial context as noted above. Using the Porter five forces model, describe some of the current dynamics in the firm's industry which are creating either strategic opportunities or strategic threats to existing business models. Pay particular attention to the dynamics of of the industry, i.e., how is the industry changing in terms of the five forces. Use web research to provide specific examples and support your argumentation. Your essay should give greater emphasis to those factors that are most relevant strategically.

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    //With the advancement technology in trade and commerce, the e-commerce has grown worldwide. It is considered as one of the important methods of business in this technological world. The competition has severely affected this mode of business also. In this context, eBay's competitive industry environment analysis using Porter's Five Forces Model has been done in the following essay//


    E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) refers to a business that is being conducted through the use of the internet (Manzoor, 2010). Maintaining efficiency in buying, selling and marketing are the primary concerns of e-commerce. In order to analyze the effectiveness of e-commerce strategy of an organization, eBay Inc. has been selected, which was founded in 1995. It provides the business platform to millions of sellers by connecting millions of buyers (eBay Inc., 2015). With the passage of time, it is considered as one of the largest companies around the world. It is included in the list of Fortune 500 companies. The major business processes of eBay are carried out electronically like placing orders, payment of funds, etc. The company has introduced eBay.com, where the people buy and sell a large number of goods and services. It has even provided the option of an online auction by the adding the feature of 'Buy It Now'.

    //In order to examine the industry effectiveness of the company, Porter Five Forces Model has been applied in ...

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