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Financial Analysis based on Walgreens Pharmacy

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Most of the project that I am working on is complete in the attachments.
I just need help with a few things. Could you also show work where needed.

5. What is the firm's Cash Conversion Cycle?

6. Determine the systematic risk of the firm. Track the firm's stock price and the volatility of its prices. What is the firm's beta? Does the beta accurately describe the firm's stock price volatility? Explain.

7. Asses the debt position and rating of the firm's bonds. Discuss how the firm uses long-term and short-term debt and equity. Has its use of leverage changed over time?

8. Analyze the firm's capital structure and degree of financial risk by looking at its other sources- e.g. business risk, systematic risk, etc. So there risks complement, accentuate, or offset each other? Explain.

9. Trace the growth of the firm over the past 10 years. How has the firm grown? How did the firm finance its growth? Identify the strengths and weaknesses in this growth policy.

10. Discuss the overall strategy of the firm-

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Walgreens corporate strategy is to provide the most convenient access to healthcare services and consumer goods in America through our 6,997 community based drugstores, as well as through our specialty pharmacy, home infusion, worksite health center and retail clinic businesses. The company intends to grow pharmacy market share through new store growth, comparable store sales increases, pharmacy prescription file purchases and strategic acquisitions.
The drugstore industry is very competitive and Walgreens plan to continue acquisition of more stores in the near future to curtail competition in some important regions. During the current year and the previous years the company have financed its expansion by raising debts and in future also the company may raise more funds for acquisition of new stores.

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Compare & Contrast

The goal is demonstrate an understanding of how to analyze a basic market offering of a firm for potential competitive advantage and parity for a specific intangible "solution" based upon relevant factors.

References should be done in a recognizable format such as APA, MLA, or Harvard-style.

Pick a local business that has an intangible product as a key component of the core market offering in which you can observe some aspects of service delivery. Research this from a customer and managerial perspective and outline the value provided to both perspectives, as warranted. Your work should likely include major theoretical frameworks as well as maps/diagrams or sufficient narrative to present at least a basic understanding of the how the process operates. Explore what differences or advantages there seem to be when compared against another firm's offering in terms of the targeted customer of in the same basic category.

An example might be one of the following:

An upscale vs. not-so-upscale hotel.
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"The mall" and a free-standing store selling similar items.
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Tools that you might consider using (you really should not use all of them):

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Resource-based view or VRIO-based assets of the firm
The 4 (or up to 8) P's
Generic strategies
UML or other process mapping methods
Constraints Theory
The role of technology

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