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    Marketing Walgreens and CVS

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    I'm am doing a paper on Walgreens Pharmacy and CVS pharmacy. I'm stuck with these two parts. Please include references.

    -Identifies two existing health care organizations in the same discipline. Which are Walgreens and CVS.
    -Compares and contrasts the organizations' positioning and differentiation strategies.

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    Walgreens is currently a strong competitor. After personally reviewing the competition, it is safe to assume that Walgreens is the dominating force behind the competitive pharmaceutical industry. Walgreens creates an atmosphere that promotes health and wellness. The company strives to provide consumers with options that are otherwise inaccessible from other competitors. At one time, before penetrating the market, Rite Aid was once on every corner in almost every city. However with competitors like Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS, Rite aid was forced to close its doors. Walgreens is one of the most innovative drug stores to date, which may have to do with the organizations desire to diversify their product offerings. For example, there are several products that are sold on television. Walgreens is one of the first organizations to stock their shelves with "As Seen On TV" items which is one illustration that Walgreens is so much more than your typical drug store. Another facet to Walgreen's is their positioning strategy in which the company is strategically and conveniently located on the corner in various neighborhoods. I can remember a time when 7/11's were located on every corner in almost every city, currentlyWalgreens are more and more frequent in each community. Placing Walgreens on neighborhood corners enable the company to remain competitive while adapting to increased consumer traffic. Walgreens in my opinion tends to keep consumers at the focal point of their business strategy. The company continuously focuses on ways to enhance the consumer/patient experience.

    With the ever increasing cost of pharmaceutical products, Walgreens offers patients an option to either purchase name brand prescriptions, or generic prescriptions. In most cases, patients would prefer generic over the brand if the prescription provides the same quality as name brand prescriptions. In most cases the level of quality doesn't deviate from what consumers are accustomed to which all depends on the patient and their level of tolerance for Generic prescription drugs. Walgreens is a company that is very much in sync with the needs of the consumer. The ...