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    Proposed merger of Rite Aid and Revco

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    Please choose the proposed merger between Rite Aid and Revco:
    list their annual sales and extent of operation, what are some of their incentives to consolidate, list and describe the firms in the industry,describe the product,production methods, scale of production, and sources of raw material ( I know his one might not be needed). What technologies are used?, describe the competitive environment within the industry, is there a dominate firm ( through research Rite Aid seems more dominate) Are the other firms follow or actively compete?How do they compete? This is our tough spot Report and intrepret the 4 firms concentration ratio, the 8 firm concentration ratio and the Herfindhl Herschler Index for the industry.

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    Rite Aid's industry is generally called something like "discount drug chain stores." If you use this when you do Web searches, you should be able to find the information you need. For example, I looked up "Top 50 chains in pharmacy dollar volume 2009" and I found this:
    http://www.chaindrugreview.com/front-page/newsbreaks/chain-drug-review-the-top-10-drug-chains which lists the top ten stores in terms of sales:

    1. Walgreens - $63.34 billion
    2. CVS Caremark - $55.36 billion (retail sales only)
    3. Rite Aid - $25.67 billion
    4. ...

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    How the merger of Rite Aid and Revco will affect competition in the discount drug store market