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Corporate Finance - Net Advantage

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Please assist with describing the industry conditions, the financial position of the company (relative to the industry and the company as a whole), the economic outlook of the company, and why you as a potential investor would or would not invest in this company. In determining your answer, please be sure to address some of the key financial indicators that helped to determine the decision to invest or not to invest. Please note that while your opinion is being asked, the use of first person should be avoided.

See attachment for company information. (Rite- Aid)

See the attached file.

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The solution discusses corporate finance regarding the net advantage. Industry conditions are described.

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The pharmaceutical industry in the US grew by 3.4% in the year 2011. Though the demand for medicines continued to grow, industry returns are under pressure from declining R&D productivity and pricing pressures. There is also intense pressure from the generic market as many of the patented drugs have come off patents. In addition to this, the industry is faced with greater regulation from government and those who pay for people's medicines. The industry is highly competitive with major players being CVS and ...

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