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    Conclusion and APA format

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    I need a 500+ word conclusion written for my paper. I also need it formatted in APA format according to APA standards. Attached is the paper.

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    Dear Student,
    Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. As per your request I have edited your paper according to APA standards and added a 500 word conclusion. I have rewritten or rephrased some sections for the purpose of academic presentation, these are minimal since you have done a very good draft. A word version of this paper is attached. Good luck with your paper!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Organizational Behavior and Management Design Paper:Walgreen's Study


    Knowledge about organizational behavior (OB) in today's business environment can help managers build a better work related understanding of the organization. As the environment of business is always changing, the role of managers becomes more delicate. In order to know how to handle a workforce and deal with the complications of new environments, supervisors need to develop their information about attitude and behavior of individuals and groups in the organization. OB is the study of how people react in the individual and group setting as it relates to an organization's effectiveness. OB knowledge is not just for traditional managers but those of an organization that assume more responsibilities as companies remove layers of bureaucracy and give teams more autonomy over their work. OB helps every Walgreens employee work more effectively within the organization.

    Mission Statement

    A mission statement is a written statement that describes the organization's purpose for existence. This is Walgreens' mission statement: 'We will provide the most convenient access to consumer goods and services, pharmacy, health and wellness services in America; We will earn the trust of our customers and build shareholder value; We will treat each other with respect and dignity and do the same for all we serve; and We will offer employees of all backgrounds a place to build careers.'

    Walgreens' mission statement combines their ethical position, desired public image, a description of their products and services, and growth and profitability. Walgreens' mission statement provides guidance through the course of their goals and decision making, and defines a sense of direction.


    Walgreens' vision reflects the everyday values of Charles R. Walgreen by operating fairly and benefiting others. The visions are:
    'Supporting the community through services, resources and outreach. Some examples are offering flu shots, prescription savings club, work site health center, and infusion nurse services. Approaching technology, efficiency and opportunity in a new way. '
    Examples are disability inclusion for disabled workforce, marketplace and supply chain. Valuing differences and serving a diverse America. Community service, outreach program, recruiting, and retention are examples.
    Reflecting neighborhood diversity through products found at Walgreens stores. Examples are Community Corner program and supplier diversity.


    Walgreens' recently completed one of its long standing goals of opening their seven thousandth store. The future goals of Walgreens include expanding of preventative health offerings, home infusion services, Take Care Clinics, more private brand offerings, and to introducing beer and wine. Walgreens will continue their growth strategy of leveraging the best store network in America; enhancing the customer experience; and driving cost reduction and productivity gain.

    Because of Walgreens' goal setting, they can focus conducive energy on creating action plans for accomplishing the goals. Developing varied strategies to accomplish successful goal completion will also develop out-of-the-box ideas and working solutions.


    Philosophy is any personal belief about how to live or how to deal with a situation. When Charles Walgreen worked at other pharmacies in Chicago, he was very frustrated with the old fashioned, complacent way of running a drugstore. Charles Walgreen's philosophy was one of supplying excellent service to customers, innovating merchandise and store displays, supplying essential goods to customers at an affordable price, and most of all to please and serve customers. Walgreen has learned lessons from his experience at other pharmacies and guided his own company to national prominence based on this.

    When Walgreen opened his second store, he assembled a management team made up of employees that valued Walgreen's standards. Walgreen also acquired a talent for hiring, recognizing, and promoting employees. More than an executive mandate or strategy for success, it is best described as a philosophy aimed at cultivating a strong sense of loyalty among employees.

    Code of Ethics

    A code of ethics is an organization's formal statement of ethical rules that must be communicated well and endorsed by both the executive and the management bodies. An empirical study of eighty-three corporate codes found that the content of the codes fell into 3 primary ...