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    Management at Walgreen

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    Explain how control mechanisms impact the four functions of management at Walgreens.

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    //Before lettering about the management at Walgreens, we have to gain an overview of the Company. It will assist in understanding the market position and its product offerings in an effective manner. Then, we will discuss about the management functions at Walgreens for attaining the goals and objectives of the Company in the competitive market place. The Management plays an important role in the development and implementation of effective strategic plans within the Organization. For example://

    Management at Walgreen

    Walgreen is a pharmacy chain which was founded in 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. Now it is expanded throughout the United States. Apart from being a pharmacy chain, it is pharmacy benefit manager, mail service pharmacy and specialty Pharmacy Company. Walgreen is operating its functions all over the continental United States and Puerto Rico. In present Walgreen is operating in more than 5800 stores. Goal of the Walgreen is to have 7000 stores. Walgreen wants to achieve this goal by 2010. Generally a pharmacy, a cosmetic counter, a photo lab and general merchandise areas are included in most of the stores of the Walgreen. Headquarter of the Walgreen is situated in Deerfield, Illinois. It is a suburb of Chicago. Over one million prescription slips are filled everyday in Walgreen. Walgreen is first on the list of leading drugstores of United States.

    Walgreen has made a good position in United ...

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