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    Diversity in Workplace

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    Beyond the company philosophy there are several activities in place at Walgreen. The company supports diverse communities in which it operated. The company has a program for reaching out to diverse communities and provides them with services. Further, the company has in place methods that help recruit retain and develop team members that are diverse. Walgreen operates with different partners to achieve a good talent from a variety of backgrounds. Further, Walgreen has program in place that provides training to employees of diverse background so that everyone gets an opportunity for career growth. In addition, there are programs at Walgreen that recognized the contribution of persons from a diverse background. Specifically, the HR develops growth partnership with organizations that provide high performing, ethnically diverse college graduates. Further, Walgreen has in place a program for campus recruitment for graduates and inters at those colleges that were historically Black. Further, to get diversity in its employees Walgreen recruits at community groups and schools. Finally, Walgreen trains and ...

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