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Technology trends for market product in Canada for Walgreens

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Evaluate the technology trends available to help you market the product.

My plan is to provide the same modern services to our new international customers, but introduce them to newer twists to the self-service pharmacy. Introducing the Take Care Clinic along with the soda fountain counter in the inaugural store will provide a different twist to the drug store experience for our new customers. That and the introduction of newer products to Canada should bring in some business to Walgreens.

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A very interesting article published by McKinsey Quarterly might answer this question.

There is a growing trend where 'automation' is the core of the business model. This is when customers help themselves to receive the goods and services for themselves. The customer is not complete left in the dark - the IT systems created will be very sophisticated, and will provide the customer with a few choices, which will allow them to make their decisions on their own.

For example, a customer will walk into you pharmacy, needing a type of ...

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The technology trends for market product in Canada and Walgreens is determined.