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A Critical Analyis of

Please provide an e-commerce critique and recommendation for

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Your critique should follow the following format.

Note: Please see the attached doc file entitled "Bidz_com critique writeup sample.docx".


Title page: This is the first page which includes the class name and number, title of paper, author, date. A title page does not have a page number and is not counted in the total pages required.

Introduction : This is the purpose or topic of the paper, and it should be considered a brief, concise paragraph or two that summarizes the content of the paper.

Literature Review: This is the main section of the paper and includes information based on paragraphs. Remember paragraphs should have one main idea that is in direct support of the thesis statement. Within each body paragraph, there will be a topic sentence (main idea of the paragraph) and supporting idea..

Conclusion or Summary: This is the portion of the paper where you will offer concluding or summarizing comments. It is a brief review and basically tells the reader what the outcome of the paper means.

References: Any literature used in an analysis must be accurately cited in order to avoid plagiarism.

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Title: A critical analysis of

Introduction is a real-time internet ...

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This is an analysis of, a real-time internet site used for live auctioning, bidding, and purchasing of jewelry, jewels, and other fashion accessories. Recommendation are made in this solution on how can dominate the online bidding business.