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    DATA to DECISION - drug Xynamine, ANOVA

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    Critical Thinking: Should you approve this drug?

    Placebo 10mg 20mg
    Treatment Treatment
    Group Group Group
    77 67 7
    61 48 94

    66 79 57

    63 67 63

    81 57 69

    75 71 59

    66 66 64

    79 85 82

    66 75 34

    75 77 76

    48 57 59

    70 45 53

    Consider the development of Xynamine—a new drug designed to lower pulse rates. In order to obtain more consistent results that do not have a confounding variable of gender, the drug is tested using males only. Given below are pulse rates for a placebo group, a group of men treated with Xynamine in 10 mg doses, and a group of men treated with 20 mg doses of Xynamine.

    1. Use Excel or SAS to perform the one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) for the data.
    APA format is required, and solid academic writing is expected
    2. Analyze the Results
    Analyze the data using the methods of this chapter. (One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA))
    Based on the results, write a brief report summarizing your findings minimum 500 words.
    A. Does it appear that there is sufficient evidence to support the claim that the drug lowers pulse rates?
    B. Are there any serious problems with the design of the experiment?
    C. Given that only males were involved in the experiment, do the results also apply to females?
    D. The project manager compared the post-treatment pulse rates to the mean pulse rate for adult males.
    E. Is there a better way to measure the drug's effectiveness in lowering pulse rates?
    F. How would you characterize the overall validity of the experiment?
    G. Based on the available results, should the drug be approved?
    Minimum of three citations required

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    //Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is a statistical method used for the purpose of testing the significant difference between the several means of more than two independent groups. This method is used in the below section for testing whether there is the significant difference between the three doses given in the data. //

    Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

    ANOVA is the analysis of testing the variation available in an experiment. This is a very effective and important tool, which is used for testing the variation among more than two groups, whereas for testing the significant difference between the two means, the t-test is the more appropriate tool. In this context, a drug Xynamine is tested for analyzing whether the drug is effective for the purpose of lowering the pulse rates. Three groups are taken for testing the various doses of the drug (Muller & Fetterman, 2002). The ...

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