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Complete the ANOVA summary table

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A company developed a drug to reduce hunger. To test it, 3 rat samples of n = 10 in each were taken. The first sample got the drug every day, the second sample got the drug once a week, and the third sample got nothing. The dependent variable was each rat's food amount eaten over 1 month. The data was analyzed by ANOVA and reported in a summary table. How to fill in the table below? It is suggested to start with the df column.

Source SS df MS F = 7.50
Between treatments ___ ___ 15
Within treatments ___ ___ ___
Total ___ ___

Please give the sequence of the steps as clearly as possible.

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Solution Summary

The ANOVA summary table is completed correctly. It also contains explanations and formulas of how to calculate each cell of the ANOVA table.

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