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Variance for Two-Way ANOVA

What is the formula used to compute variance when performing a two-way anova?


Count 2 2 4
Sum 32 34 66
Average 16 17 16.5
Variance 72 18 30.33333333

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In a two-way ANOVA, there are two independent variables, each with several levels in it. The combination of the different levels makes up treatment groups. For example, if one of the variables has three levels and the other has four, there will be 3*4 = 12 different treatment groups. The raw data is usually presented in a table with rows representing one of the variables and columns representing the other variable. Each of the treatment groups (the different cells of the table) ...

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The solution consists of a complete explanation of a two-way ANOVA, a summary table, and how to compute the variance.