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One-way and Two-way ANOVA

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Please explain the major differences between one-way and two-way ANOVA.

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This solution provides an in-depth explanation on how to determine the differences between a one-way and a two-way analysis of variance.

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Hello from Cleveland, Ohio.

Glad to help you out with the differences between a one way and a two way analysis of variance. However, let's try to set the stage first with respect to statistics in general. Bear with me because this won't hurt all that much. :-)

First of all. When dealing with statistics do not be discouraged by all the weird symbols and letters. Statistics are not advanced calculus, they are not forms of analytical geometry, and they are not forms of differential equations. Many of the concepts and formulae we, as applied statisticians, use to solve business problems sometimes appear horrifying and fill us with ghastly anxiety. But you know what? Statistics are nothing more that the mathematics we all learned in high school. Statistics are just ways to arrive at business decisions through the use of subtraction, multiplication, division, and addition - except expressed in a little different way. In fact look at any statistical formula and I ...

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