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    One-way ANOVA F-test, & Chi-Square test examples

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    ANOVA (Analysis of Variance), One-way ANOVA F-test, & Chi-Square test

    Q1: What are some real life examples of the use of Chi-Square tests using contingency tables?

    Q2: Why is a test, which is testing significant differences among means called Analysis of Variance?

    Q3: Why might a non-parametric test be used, in place of the One-Way ANOVA F-test, for testing the difference among several population means?

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    1. You can check out a study by Zelek, Orrantia, Poole, and Strike (2007) that looked at influences of several factors on whether women decided to deliver in a rural (local) or urban setting. That study used chi-squared analysis since the variables were categorical.

    You can also come up with ideas of situations that might use chi-squared tests. You could ask whether the number or proportion of graduates/year depends on ...

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