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    One way ANOVA

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    Are smoking habits of teenagers related to their parents' smoking? Perform a hypothesis test to determine if the smoking habits of teenagers are independent of the smoking habits of their parents. Test at the 0.05 level of significance.

    Do the mean heart rate fro the groups appear to show that the presence of a pet or friend reduces heart rate during stressful task?

    B. What are the values of the ANOVA F-statistic and its P-value? What hypothesis does F test? Describe the conclusions you draw from these data. did you find anything surprising?

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    Chi-Square Test

    Observed Frequencies
    Teenager Calculations
    Parents Smokes Doesn't smoke Total fo-fe
    Both smoke 400 1380 1780 67.5125581395 -67.5125581395
    only one ...

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