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    1. A researcher investigated the number of viral infections people contract as a function of the amount of stress they experienced during a 6-month period. She obtained the following data:
    Amount of Stress
    Negligible Stress Minimal Stress Moderate Stress Severe Stress
    2 4 6 5
    1 3 5 7
    4 2 7 8
    1 3 5 4

    A.) What are H0 and Ha?
    B.) Compute Fobt and complete the ANOVA summary table.
    C.) With α=.05, what is the Fcrit?
    D.) Report your statistical results.
    E.) Perform the appropriate post hoc comparisons.
    F.) What do you conclude about this study?
    G.) Describe the effect size and interpret it.
    H.) Estimate the value of µ that is likely to be found in the severe stress condition.

    2. In a study in which k =3, n =21, 1=45.3, 2 = 16.9, and 3 = 8.2, you compute the following sums of squares:
    Source Sum of Squares df Mean Square F
    Between 147.32 _____ _____ ___
    Within 862.99 _____ _____
    Total 1010.31 _____

    A.) Compute the ANOVA summary table.
    B.) With α = .05, what do you conclude about F obt?
    C.) Report your results in the correct format.
    D.) Perform the appropriate post hoc comparisons. What do you conclude about this relationship?
    E.) What is the effect size in this study, and what does this tell you about the influence of the independent variable?

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