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A member of the management team at Widgecorp asks if an ANOVA test would be useful for any of the statistics you've produced to date. Explain when an ANOVA test is useful. (You can find a description in the Presentation Resource for this Phase). Support your contention with three examples from your experience at other organizations or departments. Where applicable, for each example, indicate what are the treatments and blocking variables.

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The response address the queries posted in 651 words with references.

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The response address the queries posted in 651 words with references.

// ANOVA is basically the analysis of variance. This test of variance is widely used in organizations for taking various business decisions. In order to start a paper on ANOVA test, it is important to describe firstly, what the test is all about and where it is used. This can be covered in introduction.//


ANOVA test is a widely used statistical tool in which the different variances are analyzed in multiple populations for finding any statistical basis through which the various populations under study can be considered having same distribution, as well as, equivalent mean, even when the individual variables are giving diverse discrete values for each of the sample data set. ANOVA stands for analysis of variance (Skrzypczak, 2006). ANOVA test is useful in cases, where, dissimilar data tests have to be compared and contrasted and it has to be established that the populations under study are derived from similar distributed population so that, the further statistical comparisons can be regarded valid and meaningful.

// ...

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