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    Error Log

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    E3 Error Log.

    NOTE: Now you must do an Error Log for this essay. You will correct the major, numbered errors only, and you will do so in the graded essay file, at the end, after my summary comments. The reason I need your corrections in the graded essay file is so I may see, in one place, both each error and your corrected version of it.

    Here are the detailed steps:

    1. Find the sentences in which I have inserted error abbreviations and which are numbered...
    2. In the Error Log, ignore all other comments, including minor errors which I did not number. (I did not merely forget to number those sentences.).
    3. Find what each error abbreviation means. You can find these in the Error Log link in Blackboard, under Course Documents. That link takes you to my website page that contains brief explanations of all error abbreviations. If you do not understand the error still, you may need to get hold of a grammar handbook for help. You may also ask me questions...
    4. In the graded essay file, correct each numbered sentence; correct all errors in that sentence. Do these at the end of the file, right after these instructions which you will find copied there. .
    5. Each correction must be numbered, to match my error marking...
    6. Each correction must be done as a complete sentence. No single words or phrases, please. Doing the corrections as complete sentences helps you to consider your error in the sentence context in which you wrote it...
    7. Lastly, change the filename of the graded essay file. Call it EL3 plus your initials. This stands for Error Log Three...
    8. In this assignment you are now in, you will submit the Error Log Three file...
    9. be careful; do not rewrite sentences except to correct the errors. Do not introduce new errors! This is largely an assignment of paying attention...
    10. Also, be aware that the fewer the corrections, the more each one counts!
    11. If someone's essay contains no numbered errors, then congratulations! I will automatically record a grade of 100 for that error log.

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    Heroic Math Journey
    A hero's journey in life is contingent upon someone heroically overcoming obstacles that could have prevented him or her from achieving his or her goals and objectives in life. People face challenges that can prohibit them from reaching their full potential in life and some face harder challenges than others. During these challenges, people enter stages of a hero's journey and must endure until they are reborn with a new perspective on life after completing this journey. The first stage is the threshold or the beginning of the journey. Next is the innermost cave, which is followed by the seizing of the sword, and finally concluded with the person reborn with a new sense of empowerment from successfully completing their own heroic journey. The two most harrowing stages of any hero's journey are the innermost cave and seizing of the sword. In the innermost cave, people face their most difficult part of a journey where they either excel or fail as a result. Those that manage to overcome the innermost café==WW==1== and persevere through the most difficult stage can then seize their sword. Seizing of the sword represents the stage wherein people gain the confidence and strength to take the necessary measures to overcome their challenge and succeed. My journey involved successfully overcoming my disdain and fear of algebra. The journey was entered through the threshold during my junior year in high school, my innermost cave occurred when I dropped out of college for a short period due in part to college algebra, I seized the sword after a chance encounter with my favorite professor, and I was reborn after mastering the subject that had plagued me for six years. The importance this journey has for my life is that without realizing I could overcome college algebra, I would have never gained the confidence to continue forward in my academic career and pursuits. Because of my steadfast resolve and perseverance throughout the stages of my journey, I know that I can overcome any challenge in academia as well as in life due to the fact that I have successfully conquered and defeated my most difficult challenge ever in my life.==I see several useful revisions in your intro.
    The threshold of any journey is the moment when a challenge emerges in life that will test the person's resolve. Many thresholds occur throughout life, but some are more significant than others. The defining characteristic of any threshold is that it is the moment when people realize they are involved in a battle of will and motivation to either succeed and overcome their challenge or to fail. The moment I realized I was in a significant battle occurred when I almost did not graduate high school because of algebra. The state assessment examination in my state mandated that to graduate high school a certain score was necessary to be attained on the state assessment exam in three different areas of education. I was above average in the other two stages but had difficulty in algebra. Therefore, I initially failed the algebra portion of the exam but the school had several attempts that could be taken to pass before graduation. After failing the initial portion of the exam, My placement in a remedial algebra class during my junior year of high school was the catalyst for my heroic journey. I was able to garner enough of the subject matter barely to pass the algebra portion of the exam, but this left an indelible mark on my psyche regarding algebra. I began to resent and have disdain for the subject because of the ...

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