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Qualitative and Quantitative Research Study

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1. Why is this study a quantitative study?
2. What is the independent variable?
3. What is the dependent variable?
4. What research method should be used?
5. What is the population?
6. What is the geographical location?

A quantitative analysis of teamwork, team growth and development among virtual teams
Innovative solutions are the key to today's business operations. Organizations today are trying to provide high quality, rapid and innovative services to their clients at a low cost. Virtual teaming is now seen as a new environment for problem solving, but not until users are well acquainted with how the virtual world works (Thilmany, 2008).
Virtual teaming is defined as a way of organizing and managing work by people who are geographically separated but work together (Gatlin-Watts et al, 2007). These people communicate using different forms of technology rather than communicating face-to-face. This type of teaming environment is sometimes the only possible way for people to work together and overcome corporate boundaries and cultures that exist in almost every organization (Attaran & Attaran, 2003).
However, there are concerns in the academic and business world about the operations and success of virtual teams. When conflicts occur, the lack of a face-to-face meeting, the absence of a team culture and the inability to read body language are said to hinder resolutions to team conflict (Latapie & Tran, 2007). Developing and maintaining a teamwork culture is of utmost importance so that the teams can identify, communicate and resolve problems together (Latapie & Tran, 2007).
This quantitative study will investigate relationships between all the factors mentioned above among individuals who have been or are currently part of a virtual team. An increased understanding of teamwork, team growth and development among virtual teams will aid the society in virtual team operations and management.

1. Why is this study a qualitative study?
2. What is the independent variable?
3. What is the dependent variable?
4. What research method should be used?
5. What is the population?
6. What is the geographical location?


College enrollment - A qualitative study of parental and community influences on high school teenagers' decisions
According to a recent study released by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 67.2 percent of high school graduates from the class of 2007 enrolled in colleges and universities (Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2008). A 2006 study released by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education showed that the enrollment rates of high school graduates in colleges and universities vary by state. For example, the state of Maryland compared well with other states in preparing high school students for and enrolling them in college (Measuring Up, 2009). The states of Michigan and Alabama however, continue to fall behind in educating and preparing its teenagers for higher education.
The underperformance in education of its young population in states like Alabama and Michigan could limit the states' access to a competitive workforce and hinder the growth of that state's economy.
In order to address these trends, it is important to identify major influences in teenagers' decisions to attend college. This qualitative study will provide information on teenagers' perceptions and insights as it will ask how parents and the community influenced their decisions to attend college. Data gathered in this study can aid states such as Alabama and Michigan in improving or implementing programs that aid teenagers' decisions to attend college.

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1. Why is this study a quantitative study?
There are several reasons that this study should be considered as quantitative:
a) The data for the study is in the form of number and statistics.
b) The data for the research can be gathered through questionnaire (individual problem solving ability, communication ability and problem identification ability) or secondary method such as company databases.
2. What is the independent variable?
There are several levels of independent variables. In the first level individual problem solving ability, communication ability and problem identification ability are the independent variables that affect team work. But, team work, team development and team growth can also be considered as independent variables (mediating variables) that affect the success of virtual teams and eventually society's adoption of virtual teams.
3. What is the dependent variable?
In the first level team work, development, and growth. In the second level virtual teams' success and in the third level society's adoption of virtual teams.
4. What research method should be used?
This section needs to be discussed in great detail. The research method starts with developing research question and hypotheses, development of the instruments of data collection, data collection, analyzing data and evaluating results. I am assuming here you are asking for only the analysis method. Here the researches may decide to use a simpler method such as Multiple Regression Equation. But, a more complex method like Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) will provide ...

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The solution examines qualitative and quantitative research studies. The independent and dependent variables of the study are determined.

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