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Relationship Between Problem Statement, Goals, Expectations and Data

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What is the relationship between a problem statement, goals, expected outcomes, and measurement of the data?

What considerations should be given when determining the solution strategy of an ARP?

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What is the relationship between a problem statement, goals, expected outcomes, and measurement of the data?

The relationship between the problem statement, goals, expected outcomes, objectives, and the measurement of the data is predicated upon developing a problem statement that describes the problem in great detail that will provide a layperson an explanation of what is needed to be researched to understand the undertones of the problem. The problem statement sets forth the outline of the research project wherein the following process states the goals of the research project to develop a hypothesis about the research problem. The goals and objectives that must be outlined entail determining if you want to improve a program by identifying its strengths and weaknesses, which will provide an ability to determine if the expected outcomes can be organized ...

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524 words on that relationship and considerations for a solution strategy of an Accelerated Reading Program.

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