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Smoking and Low Productivity

My problem statement is 'smokers are less productive than non-smokers'
- What would be an appropriate goal?

My expected outcomes are:

1. No more than an average of 3.75 sick days taken by smokers .
2. Smokers will take no more than a total of 7 days of breaks for both males and females.

- What particular instruments or methods / measurement tool(s) can be use for each of the outcomes listed above.

- Depending on the method used, how can the results be analyzed and captured to present the findings of the specific methods? Please be specific.

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Examples of appropriate goals to your problem statements would be: to refute the problem statement with supporting evidence or to give evidence that the problem statement is true, that smokers are definitely less productive than nonsmokers. You could also assert that there is no difference between the two groups, that they both have the same productivity levels.

Instruments or methods to collect data for the outcomes could consist of objective surveys: employer data of employee sick days and breaks or ...

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