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    Smokers and Low Productivity

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    It has been said that employees who smoker cost companies money due to absenteeism and healthcare cost and are less productive than non-smokers. Therefore, please advise of 4 causes of the problem and four solutions.

    Also please provide specific information and training guidelines on how to accomplish the solution with step by step guidelines.

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    Cause: Smokers take too many breaks to go smoke, which reduces productivity
    Solution: Workers can only take 2 x 15 min breaks a day or else they will get a warning from their managers
    How to accomplish the solution
    - Managers need to keep a better eye on their employees, and monitor how often they leave their desks during the day.
    - If they see that employees are taking more breaks due to smoking, then they need to start being proactive and putting a stop ...

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    The solution examines if smokers have low productivity.