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Smoking and worker absenteeism and productivity

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I am looking for the names and or websites of 70 journal articles not older than 5 years old for a lit review on the effects of smoking on the productivity and absenteeism on of workers

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The expert examines smoking and workers absenteeism and productivity. The journal articles which are not older is determined.

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Jeffrey S. Harris "Clearing the air - enforcing no smoking policies in the work place - includes related article - Special Report". HR Magazine. FindArticles.com. 15 Oct, 2009. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m3495/is_n2_v38/ai_14152258/

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Copyright © 2005 by the BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.

If smoking increases absences, does quitting reduce them?
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Copyright © 2005 by the BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.

* The case for smoker-free workplaces
N John Gray
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Copyright © 2005 by the BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.

Smoker-free workplace policies: developing a model of public health consequences of workplace policies barring employment to smokers
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Copyright © 2009 by the BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.

Effect of Smoking Status on Productivity Loss
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Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine:
October 2006 - Volume 48 - Issue 10 - pp 1099-1108
doi: 10.1097/01.jom.0000243406.08419.74

Pierre-Yves Crémieux and Pierre Ouellette
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Tob. Control, Oct 2007; 16: 325 - 328

S M McGhee, L M Ho, H M Lapsley, J ...

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