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Company productivity and quality problem: secretarial pool

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You are a consultant who has been called in to deal with a productivity and quality problem in the secretarial pool of the Whole World Encyclopedia Company. The pool consists of eight word-Processors operators who serve a staff of about forty full time professional write3rs. The writers turn in their work roughly typed, handwritten, or on audiocassettes. The writers have been complaining about poor word-processing service for some time, and the company h as finally decided to look into the problem.... (SEE ATTACHMENT)

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The company productivity and quality problems are examined. The secretarial pools are analyzed.

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I believe from the posting that you must answer the following questions in order to complete your problem: "With this information, you feel ready to make a diagnosis and you suggest some changes to improve the situations. Prepare your diagnosis. Tell what is going wrong here and why. Prepare your suggestions for changing any aspects of this job situation that you think need improvement. Be as thorough as possible."

Let me give you some tips and interesting points in order for you to correctly give a logic and complete answer:

"What is going wrong here and why?" & "Suggestions for change"
Here is a list of what is going wrong:
1. Employees are tested on an electric typewriter, not a wordprocessor therefore the company is not getting an accurate rating of their abilities. -- It would be in the company's best interests to test the employees on a wordprocessor. This would better enable them to identify if their are ...

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