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    Motivating and Compensating Employees

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    In Week Four, you completed the Motivating and Compensating Employees simulation. In cycle three of the simulation, you made focused on factors that increase employee morale. As you saw, there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to employee morale. In the case of Magic Grafix, the morale of people in creative jobs such as production was more likely to increase with better work-life balance or opportunities to learn more through training and career development, while people in support jobs placed a higher premium on high performance work systems.

    Choose one of the following and describe how and why this type of program might be used to increase employee morale. For what types of employees is this type of program best suited? What research supports the conclusions you are reaching?
    Wellness program
    Work-life program
    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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    Wellness program:

    Wellness programs are increasingly being used by corporates today to boost the morale and motivation level of their employees by providing opportunities to their employees to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is a common saying that a healthy mind rests in a healthy body and a corporate wellness program exactly signifies that. Companies utilize wellness programs to make their workforce healthy and efficient, thereby making them for happy and satisfied. All these factors, in turn, results in increased job satisfaction and boost the morale and motivation levels of the employees.

    Let us see some of the important benefits of a wellness program:

    Increased productivity from fit, healthy employees: Enhancement in productivity is the direct consequence of a wellness program, primarily due to the enhancement in fitness and efficiency of the employees as a result of healthy lifestyle practices learned from the wellness program

    Reduced absenteeism: Healthy workers will definately be more active and will reduce absenteeism, late arrivals,etc. They will be more motivated to perform.

    Reduced injuries and workers' compensation claims: A healthy workforce will obviously be less prone to work related injuries.

    Reduced sick leave: Company will also gain on the sick ...

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    Choose one of the following and describe how and why this type of program might be used to increase employee morale.