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Motivation and Conflict Management

Discuss how different organizations apply motivation theories to motivate employees

Analyze which conflict management approaches work best in the organizations, and why

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Different organizations apply the different motivation theories in motivating their employees. One of these theories is the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs where the needs are (1) Physiology; (2) Safety, (3) Social belongingness & love needs, (4) Esteem, and (5) Self actualization. These five levels have to be met in accordance with its order. Lower level needs have to be satisfied before higher needs can be met. Organizations give their employees good pay to afford their basic needs. They prioritize satisfying their physiology needs rather than safety of his work area and job stability. Companies that apply Maslow's Needs theory look into their first needs and later on come up with other motivation techniques to satisfy employees with higher needs.
Hertzberg's two factor theory identified two groups of factors to motivate people. The first group are the hygiene factors in which companies give to their employees such as good working conditions, safety, policies, administration, and quality of supervision. Since these factors strongly cause employees' dissatisfaction, they affect job performance. They may not motivate the employees but they are necessities to be given to the employees. The other group is composed of the motivating factors. These factors are given by companies to bring job satisfaction among employees to give them motivation. Companies provide employees ...

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