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    Linkage in Performance Management Process

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    My question is on the 'Disrupted Links in the Performance Management Process at Omega,Inc. The information on this situation is in Case 2-2, pages 55-56 of the attached article.

    1. Consider each of the links of the performance management process as shown in Figure 2.1.
    2. Discuss whether each of the links is present, and in what form, in the performance system described in the case.

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    It would appear that Omega, Inc. did attempt to create and implement a performance management process however, while some of the links were present and done thoroughly, others were severely lacking. An assessment of each link is below.

    Prerequisites - This step is the one in which all of the background information is gathered, documents are developed, and processes are thought through. For Omega, Inc., a lot of time and attention was given to this particular link of the process. For example, job descriptions were developed, job analyses were written of the sales representative position, and a company-wide mission statement was developed. All of this information was distributed to the employees of the company so they had a foundation of knowledge regarding the job description and mission statement.

    Performance Planning - This process is one that should be done with the employee involved in establishing the performance expectations and goals. ...

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