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    Achieving Collaboration Goals

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    Shared goals or aims are at the heart of collaboration. Huxham and Vangen distinguish between explicit, unstated, and hidden goals and the need to negotiate a shared purpose. Hemmasi and Csanda discuss working with shared purpose in communities of practice. Both suggest managerial or leadership roles are critical to identifying and achieving shared goals.

    Based on these readings, identify at least one issue or factor that can undermine the collaborative partners' ability to achieve shared goals and recommend specific strategies, policies or actions leaders can take to support successful collaboration.

    Please write on anything expect the Military.

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    One factor that can undermine the collaborative partner's ability to achieve shared goals is that the collaboration goals are not clearly set. If the company's expectations are not clear to the partner the ability to achieve shared goals is compromised.

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    To support successful collaboration, leaders should clearly communicate the expectations of the organization, set goals for the collaboration, and foster a creative environment (b). Leaders should ...

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