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Lafleur Trading Company - The Collaboration Process

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What are the steps of the collaboration process in the functional areas that must be used to achieve organizational goals? Identify and explain. Also, create an action plan to implement this collaboration process using Lafleur Trading Company.

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LaFleur Trading Company

This organizational goal of LaFleur Trading Company is to provide its customers with the highest quality foods at a reasonable price. The functions of LaFleur Trading Company are the purchase function, the finance function, the marketing function, the quality assurance function, the distribution, and shipping function. The company has the organizational goal of achieving high standards and good quality.

The steps that LaFleur Trading Company should take to build the collaborative process among its functional areas are to transfer the individuals in the company to groups. The next step that LaFleur Trading Company should take is to build collaboration capabilities in technology, people and processes. The next step is to encourage and support collaboration. LaFleur Trading Company must provide collaboration tools to its employees. There should be incentives that are instituted to encourage collaboration. The next step is to ...