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    Logistics/ Supply Chain Management

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    1. Discuss the three challenges logistics faces as it manages on a process, rather than a functional basis. Describe each challenge and give an example of how it may be overcome.

    2. Distinguish among different types of supply chain collaborative relationships. What drives the differences?

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    The first challenge that logistics faces as it manages on a process basis is that there is a demand for full transparency of their orders. This means the customer wants to know exactly where the order is in the entire life cycle of raw materials to finished goods to delivery location(a). Full sight of each order at all times in real time is challenging. This challenge can be overcome using standard logistics solutions that can be accessed by the customer. The solution must be modified to satisfy the regulation of different governments if logistics spans across countries. Further, the information must be accessible from mobile applications on the smart phone of customers. The second challenge faced by logistics as it is managed on a process basis is driver shortages. This challenge can be overcome by offering attractive salaries, additional facilities, and increasing the safety of drivers. Driver availability can be improved also by offering attractive benefits to drivers. For example, drivers can be offered wellness programs that can be accessed at different locations. ...

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