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    Strategic role of Logistics and Supply Chain Analysis

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    Prepare a paper defining logistics and discussing its strategic role within the supply chain. Discuss the implications of poor logistics and supply chain management on satisfying customer requirements for a product or service. In addition, identify and describe customer satisfaction requirements that influence logistics and directly impact the supply chain. Drawing on personal experience, provide an example of inappropriate logistics planning which lead to customer dissatisfaction, and one example where logistics plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction.

    2-3 references needed.

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    //Prior, writing about the role of logistic in the supply chain, first we will understand the meaning of logistic for an organization. Then we will write about the role of it in supply chain of the organization. We will also discuss the effect of poor logistic on the customer satisfaction.\

    Logistics is a process of managing the transfer of goods, services and other sources from the place of manufacturing to the place of consumption, in order to fulfill the demands of the customers. Logistics include the aggregation of information. Logistics are related with inventory.

    The main objective of the supply chain management is to make a connection between the markets, the manufacturing points and the distribution network in an effective way so that, the goods and services can be provided to the customers at lower cost and satisfactory level. The success of supply chain management depends on the logistics. Supply chain can be managed in an effective way with the help of the logistics (CRAIG, 1999).

    If the logistics have one stop logistics solutions, they can provide an ultimate integration of global supply chain. This global supply chain helps the companies to save their time and cost of operations. The one stop logistics solutions needed multiple suppliers, different manufacturing places, warehouses etc. It reduces the burden of managing the large amount of inventories of the companies. With this, the products of the company can be available to the customers all the time.

    Poor logistics are the logistics which delays the delivery of the products or services. This delayed delivery makes the customers dissatisfied. Today, large customers are making stronger demands for logistical support. Customers want more frequent deliveries. Customers want ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1061 words with references.