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Strategic Global Logistics

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Select an organization and prepare a paper addressing the following items:

a. Identify and compare at least four to five factors (cost, shelf life, weather, etc.) that impact transportation needs.

b. Determine appropriate logistics methods in various scenarios (local, out-of-state, regional, coast-to-coast, and global)

c. Summarize the "strategic" requirements of global logistics.

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//Before lettering about the requirements of Global logistics, we will discuss about the meaning and importance of 'Logistics'. It will assist in understanding the importance of logistics management for the Organizations. Then, we will discuss about the selected global logistics Organization. The selected organization is 'FedEx Corporation' and we will have an overview of the Company.//

Logistics is the overall management of the flux of commodities, selective information and other resources, including free energy and individuals, within the provenience and the place of economic consumption with the objective of meeting the demands of customers (especially, military organizations). Logistics postulate the consolidation of data, transportation system, armory, repositing, material-wielding, packaging and promotion. Logistics management is that component of the supply chain which projects, enforces and checks the effective, frontward and overturns flux and storehouse of commodities, services and interrelated data (Tompkins & Harmelink, 2008).

In the business sector, logistics might have either inner focus (inward supply), or outside focus (outward supply) tracking the flux and reposition of materials. The primary works of a qualified logician include stock management, purchasing, transport and shipping, repositing, consultation and the coordination and designing of these activities. Software system is used for logistics mechanization, which aids the supply chain industry in automatizing the workflow as well as management of the organization. Production logistics assures that each machine and workstation is being flowed with the right merchandise in the right measure and lineament at the right point (About FedEx, 2008).

The paper describes a global logistics organization. The organization that I have selected is FedEx Corporation (FDX), which is a popular logistics services company. It is established in the United States. Earlier, FedEx was known as Federal Express Corporation, Federal Express and FDX Corporation. FedEx is coordinated into different functioning units, each of which possesses its own variant of the word label, planned by Linden Leader of Lander Associates, in 1994. For each division, the Fed is in purple color and the Ex in a different color according to the divisions. The ...

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