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Logistics Case Study

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ExpressRail was multi-national and aimed at diverse traffic mix. What would call the strategy of supply chain management organization that did something similar to this?

It would be a strategy of differentiation. The company would be differentiating itself by providing solutions to the individual needs of customers. In case of Detroit, ExpressRail not only provided logistics support to its customers but even provided real estate to potential customers so that they could set up their businesses at Mount Road industrial park and shipped their products and raw materials through their railroad.
The approach of ExpressRail in Detroit was one of extreme flexibility and adaptability to the customer's needs combined with an understanding of its own business potential and resources. For example, DJ trained his own railroad people to assess the level of sand in the inventory of Oneida and replenish it when the level fell to six days supply.

Describe what kind of business D.J. turned the DRL into?
DJ turned ExpressRail ...

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