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Global Reverse-Flow Logistics

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How might an organization handle global reverse-flow logistics?

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The process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, cost effective flow of raw materials, in-process inventory, finished goods and related information from the point of consumption to the point of origin for the purpose of recapturing value or proper disposal.

In 1998, Stock defined reverse logistics as "the role of logistics in product returns, source reduction, recycling, materials substitution, reuse of materials, waste disposal and refurbishing, repair, and remanufacturing"

More precisely, reverse logistics is the process of moving goods from their typical final destination for the purpose of capturing value, or proper disposal. Reverse logistics includes following activities:
? Remanufacturing,
? Refurbishing,
? Recycling,
? Landfill,
? Repackaging,
? Returns processing, and
? Salvage.

A reverse logistics operation is considerably different from forward logistics. Reverse logistics is the logistics process of removing new or used products from their initial point in a supply chain, such as returns from consumers, over stocked inventory, or outdated merchandise and ...

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How organizations handle global reverse-flow logistics is discussed.