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    Outline of an ethical political strategy

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    Include an outline of an ethical political strategy designed to help Michael secure and excel in the job you think he should pursue.

    What dependencies exist? Think not only in terms of Michael's workplace, but also, his home.
    ? Do Michael's colleagues demonstrate legitimate or illegitimate political behaviour? Explain.
    ? What should Michael do about the China opportunity? Why?
    ? What should Michael do about the open position for President of U.S. Operations?
    ? Does Michael have any power in this situation, and if so, what type(s) of power?
    ? How can Michael improve his political edge? Provide at least two or three solid suggestions, including power tactics, for Michael to use.

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    Overview: This case depicts an executive who must decide how best to advance his career at an international company. You as the student must consider issues such as the importance of clarifying one's career aims and family needs, the impact of overseas assignments on career mobility, and the need to build relationships with colleagues.

    Question: ? What dependencies exist? Think not only in terms of Michael's workplace, but also, his home.

    Michael Feldstein, the global category director for rums, has worked for the Lafleur, a major international beverage company, for two-years. Michael was already working for Campos for few months when Lafleur acquired New York-based Campos Beverage two years ago. After the two-year operation of Campos Beverage under Lafleur acquisition, the company faced high cost problems, deciding to cut costs, and had announced plans for reconstruction. These plans created unstable environment, which became more unstable after the resignation of the Lafleur president of U.S operations. Challenging competition started among different candidates for that position and especially among different directors. Michael Feldstein and Danielle Harcourt, the global category director for vodkas and liqueurs, were the chief candidates inside the company. The director of the sports and health drink division was also one of the candidates.

    Alternatively, there was a possibility that the job could go to the outsiders Charles Brooke, CFO at Cazares Laird International, who is one of the Lafleur's competitors or Genevieve Basset, a former Lafluer employee. The first dependency is the dependency of Michael Feldstein on moving to New York. Dependencies happened to exist in New York first, the dependency upon knowing the rumor regarding cost cutting and layoffs. This is a geographical dependency. Secondly, the CEO is likely to be dependent on a candidate who has been in the company for long. The dependency upon guessing of who will take over of the position as the company's president; and even the people around this event depend on the hypothesis upon the issue of the former president's departure. In Michael's situation he depends upon the remarks upon him. The so-called "over-believing" to his self or the "confidence" that he can be the one who qualifies to take Lucien's position in the company. He would like a Legrand candidate in the New York office. Third, the company is likely to be dependent on old guards for its important positions. Fourth, Michael Feldstein is likely to be dependent on the New York position as a source of power. Fifth, Michael is likely to be dependent on a western location for the education of his children and a job for his wife. Western locations are being highly valued by employees. That is why Michael Feldstein has been offered the position in China.

    Question: ? Do Michael's colleagues ...

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