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Court Case Summations & Review

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Please provide a summary and review of four court cases:
- McInnis v. Shapiro (Illinois, 1969)
- Serrano v. Priest I (California, 1971)
- Van Dusartz v. Hatfield (Minnesota, 1971)
- Spano v. the Board of Education (New York, 1972)

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- McInnis v. Shapiro (Illinois, 1969)

This is a suit filed by a number of high school and elementary school students attending school within four school districts of Cook County, Illinois, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated challenging the constitutionality of
[293 F.Supp. 329]
various state statutes dealing with the financing of the public school system.1

In this case a suit was filed by high school and elementary school students that attended school districts sprawled over four different areas in Cook County, Illinois. The impetus for the suit was to challenge the constitutionality of certain state statutes that dealt with financing of the public school system within the state of Illinois. The plaintiffs alleged that said statutes were in violation of their Fourteenth Amendment rights to equal protection under the due process clause of the United States Constitution. The plaintiffs were seeking to find a solution to the issue of wide variations in the expenditures provided per student within the school district. The students alleged that the appropriations of funds that were arbitrarily provided to some students but denied to others created a situation wherein some students were given good educations while others were deprived of the same right to a good education. The plaintiffs were alleging that they were a part of the deprived group that were disadvantaged because of the actions of Cook County, Illinois. Therefore, the students sought to correct this perceived injustice and obtain an equitable solution that would provide them with their constitutional right to equal and fair due process under the United States Constitution. In the complaint, defendants were state officials charged ...

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The solution summarizes and review the cases of McInnis v. Shapiro, Serrano v. Priest I, Van Dusartz v. Hatfield and Spano v. the Board of Education in 1111 words.

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For the cited case, can you help provide me with the following summary?

List the case name and official citation. Also identify the court which is rendering the decision and the year the decision was rendered. See this citation for help in properly citing your case: www.law.cornell.edu/citation
A. What type of case is involved, civil or criminal?
B. Who is /are the plaintiff(s)?
C. Who is/are the defendant(s)
D. Briefly tell about the case and why it was filed.
A. Which court wrote the opinion you are examining now?
B. In what lower courts did the case appear before appearing in the court where it is now?
C. Who won in each of the lower courts?
What are the legal questions which were decided by the appellate court whose opinion you are reading now?
(These issues must be framed in the formed in the form of questions which can be answered by a simple yes or no.) (Make the issues general in nature and generic in form. That means the issues you frame should be equally applicable to all similar cases)
Indicate here whether the appellate court's answers to the issue or issues, was yes or no. Then note the decision by the appellate court? (Did it affirm or reverse the decision of the lower court?) Do not include any discussion in this section.
What was the reason, or reasons, given for the holding by the appellate court? (Completely explain the reasoning of the court in deciding the answers to the issues you have framed)
(The rational must be much longer than your facts and must answer all issues raised by you)
Was there a dissent by anyone on the appellate court? If so, how many judges dissented- and why)

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