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    Critical Thinking About Fiber

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    Consider the following scenario:

    After reading that a high-fiber diet is recommended to avoid the risks of some chronic diseases as well as to prevent constipation and to lower blood cholesterol, Anita decides that she needs more fiber in her diet. She reviews her food intake to determine how she can add fiber.

    Anita knows that bran flakes are higher in fiber than corn flakes are, but she cannot think of any other changes. A few days after making the suggested changes, Anita complains that she is bloated and feels more constipated than she was before changing her diet.

    Anita's Original Diet:
    · Breakfast: Orange juice, corn flakes, banana, skim milk
    · Lunch: Hamburger on white bun, potato chips, lettuce salad, skim milk, sugar cookies
    · Dinner: Baked chicken, white rice, zucchini, stewed tomatoes, frozen yogurt

    Complete the following:

    · Explain Anita's physical complaints after substituting bran flakes for corn flakes.
    · Modify Anita's diet so she will consume more fiber but avoid bloating and constipation.

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    One possible reason that Anita felt bloated and more constipated than she was before changing her diet, is that the bran flakes and the banana combination could have the effect of causing more constipation, due to the congested nature of the fiber that is located within the banana, which when mixed with the fiber of the bran flakes, causes bloating and congestion within her intestines as this food is being digested. In addition, it is also quite possible that the bran flake ...