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    Setting and staging in Death of a Salesman

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    Your strategy meeting with the project managers was very efficient. They have asked if you would be able to take part in the creation of the presentatin itself. In working with the head project manager, you decide that you will create the first portion of this presentation that will focus on the Death of a Salesman. You have a meeting with the project manager and come up with a rough outline of waht components need to be included in this presentation.
    Please include the following in your presentation based on the play Death of a Salesman:
    Discuss the importance of the setting/staging within this play. How would the play be different if the setting/staging were changed? provide an example.
    What is the underlying theme developed throught out the play-and how do the elements of the drama characters,setting/staging, plot, structure, style, imagery, reflect this?
    Remember to include in-text citations and a reference list.

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    First, as you discuss the importance of the setting/staging within this play, these features are pivotal. Without the sparse and grim setting to show Willy's desperate socioeconomic struggle and status, the play would not be as emotional. Since we currently live in a time of economic recession, the audience can relate to Willy's request and conflict. If the setting were in an upper class area or different time such as the future, the themes would not advance and the characters would not connect to the audience as much. Do you agree?

    Because the flute as part of the staging, I feel that it gives a sense of longing or nostalgia to the setting. Like Biff and Willy, it is essential for the staging to be bare bones, gritty, and devoid of much materialism, I feel.

    If the setting were futuristic as in 5009 in Italy, the time and place would not advance the struggle for the American dream or actualize the characters, for example.

    Although I feel that the ...

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