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    Elements of drama

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    Need help in preparing a paper with the following scenario.
    Create a presentation on drama for the university client.The best method to go about this project is to make sure everyone thinks like a student would. Please address the following in your discussions:

    1. What are the important elements of drama?
    2. How do the characters and setting/staging of a play help develop the drama and theme?
    3. How does style and tone develop a play?
    4. What is the plot and structure of the play?

    Please include references and do not copy them word for word.

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    Please allow my ideas and resources to guide you to formulate your project. Once you write a draft, please send to me as a new posting and Special Request. Thanks so much!

    1. As you emphasize what are the important elements of drama, I think that script, theme, characters, setting, plot, conflict, and staging elements comprise the vital parts. One aspect that differs from other genres of literature for drama is definitely the element or role of the audience. Research shows that theatre thrives with an audience. The public is essential for drama to succeed. The actual physical presence of an audience allows a performance to come alive. Unlike other genres, drama is a breathing art form ...

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