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important elements of drama

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Your team is assigned the task of discussing a play and analyzing the play for an upcoming issue. You are currently putting together a presentation for the editor-in-chief showcasing the groups' findings thus far. However, you decide to email the writers a list of discussion points.

Please address the following in your discussions:

What are the important elements of drama?
How do the characters and setting/staging of a play help develop the drama and theme?
How does style and tone develop a play?
What is the plot and structure of the play?
Remember to include in-text citations and a reference list at the end of your submission.

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Various important elements of drama are emphasized.

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As you address the discussion points, I offer some ideas to help. Please ask for me again on future Special Requests:

First of all, as you explore what are the important elements of drama, I see a strong theme as a pivotal part. Because the message must permeate all aspects of the play and production elements, the main idea must be strong, engaging to the audience, and relevant to the times.

If you need research, please note hwo some themes in contemporary Asian plays include: "David Henry Hwang's M. BUTTERFLY Racial stereotypes blind you to reality. Wendy Wasserstein's THE HEIDI CHRONICLES
A heavy price is paid by women who were the career path-makers of the 1970's. Beth Henley's CRIMES OF THE HEART It's a crime not to follow your heart's desires" (http://www.vcu.edu/arts/playwriting/themeex.html).

In addition to theme, I also think that a strong plot must also be present. All the key plot elements, as in a piece of literature, must also be ...

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