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Comparing/Contrastic Drama, Poetry, & Short Stories

Summarize the major differences between forms of drama, poetry, and short story. I understand the elements of tragic and comedy drama, poetry and short story, but I do not get how I am supposed to compare and contrast them all to each literary form, could you please help me with this?

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Think of each (drama, poetry, and the short story as genres). Each genre has specific requirements that make it different and separate from the other.

For example, plays do not require a lot of exposition (exposition = explaining, which is what is happening) because the themes come from the dialogue. The stage setting is part of how the director envisions it, and much like a movie script, there is very little discussion about what the stage should look like; it is totally up to the director to make this call. How the set looks or is designed will have some bearing on thematic elements, but the majority of themes come from what the actors say and how they say it.

In a play the meaning (theme) comes from what the actors say (dialogue), and how they say it; for example, the inflection in their ...

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In approximately 575 words, this solution explains the differences between major forms of drama, poetry, and short stories.