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    How is poetry different from other art forms?

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    Why or how is poetry different from other forms of art? What is its purpose? Try and use specific examples, though they do not have to be from the text. You can talk about movies, music, architecture, novels, essays, dance, painting and photography.

    Context is very important in trying to unravel the supposed mysteries of poetry. It matters when the author was writing and where the author was from. It matters what was happening in that writer's world to inform the poetry of the day. In short, you need to research your poems and your poets.

    Describe one of the eras in history you would most like to visit with Bill & Ted on a Great Adventure? What poet might you encounter on your journey? None is an acceptable answer for some periods, but the time and place must be from the real past not an imagined one.

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    To address your first question:

    Poetry as an art form is, in my opinion, a way of testing the limits and possibilities of language. While a story or essay must conform to certain rules of grammar and language in order to be understandable, poetry creates its meaning by evoking feelings and ideas in the reader, rather than the author presenting them to the reader. Rhyming poems are often the first things a small child memorizes, including nursery rhymes and silly chants such as "John and Katie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!". For children, these shared poems and songs (and in many way songs can be considered poems set to music) provides a common language and a common experience. As far as poetry testing the use of language in a way ...

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    Poetry is a unique method of expression. The solution provides several examples to demonstrate the unique properties of poetry as an art form. Also, examples are given of how a poet's environment and life affects his / her work.