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    Comprehension of Narrative, Expository, and Poetic Texts

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    Compare and contrast the instructional strategies you have used to aid comprehension of narrative, expository, and poetic texts. What makes one strategy work with one type of text but not with another?

    This is just a discussion question so I don't have to have huge amounts of information. I some assistance though because I don't know what these types of texts are and therefore, I am having difficulty answering the question.

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    It is first helpful here to look at the function and design of each different type of text:

    Narrative Writing - Simply put, writing in narrative style means that you are telling a story. Such a story can be either fictional, or it can be true and based on reality. Typically, either the writer is telling the story from his or her own perspective, or the story is told from the perspective of the main character.

    Expository Writing - Different from narrative writing, an expository text seeks to inform the reader of something. Simply put, the purpose is ...

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    This solution compares and contrasts the instructional strategies used to aid comprehension of narrative, expository, and poetic texts.