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Learning about diseases through narratives in science

Develop a case for using narrative literature in a science class. How would you defend its use? Provide arguments for your case and prepare to defend them. How do you compare the possible uses of narrative literature and expository text as they apply to a middle school language arts classroom?

Define metacognition and describe a strategy in which it could be used to help students better connect with a work of narrative literature.

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One example for the positive influence of using narrative in a science classroom would be to read a story about someone who had survived the disease of polio and how it affected his lifel. A history of the inventors of vaccines against polio, Salk or Sabin, who developed vaccines to guard against the disease, would also be appropriate. A friend of mine suffered from the disease and, although she recovered, she experienced permanent nerve damage.
As a result of this knowledge, when I was planning to go overseas (I currently live in Columbus, OH) I had not taken any vaccines against polio and had ...

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How learning about diseases through narratives in science can aid understanding of these diseases