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    Constructivist learning environment

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    What is a constructivist learning environment? What are the advantages and disadvantages involving the implementation of constructivist learning environments?

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    1.What is a constructivist learning environment?

    Constructivism is the classroom is a relatively recent phenomenon primarily derived from the work of Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget (1973) and Russian psychologist Lev Vigotsky (1978) (Matthews, 2003). It is a learning environment that incorporates the principles of constructive theory into the classroom e.g. personal relevance, scientific uncertainty, critical voice, shared control and student negotiation. For example, based on her review of the constructivist learning environment literature, Murphy (1997) provided a synthesis and summary of the characteristics of constructivist learning and teaching:

    1. Multiple perspectives and representations of concepts and content are presented and encouraged.
    2. Goals and objectives are derived by the student or in negotiation with the teacher or system.
    3. Teachers serve in the role of guides, monitors, coaches, tutors and facilitators.
    4. Activities, opportunities, tools and environments are provided to encourage metacognition, self-analysis -regulation, -reflection & -awareness.
    5. The student plays a central role in mediating and controlling learning.
    6. Learning situations, environments, skills, content and tasks are relevant, realistic, authentic and represent the natural complexities of the 'real world'.
    7. Primary sources of data are used in order to ensure authenticity and real-world complexity.
    8. Knowledge construction and not ...

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