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    Constructivist theory of education

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    Taking either the constructivist theory of education or the behaviorist theory of education, describe your ideals for effective classroom management. Contrast each element of this paper with the opposite approach (behaviorist or constructivist) as you see it. Although you will most likely modify your views as you learn more about the field of education, think of this paper as an initial entry into your professional portfolio.

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    Please allow some of my notes to help you. Once you write your own paper, please send to us for editing and feedback:

    As an educator, I advocate and apply the constructivist theory of education. As you explain your teaching style, please note that it encourages collaborative, creativity, and student-centered instruction. Using Vygotsky's theories, you might talk about how learning is social. Thus, your daily lessons will involve learning centers, pair/share activities, student teams, and other hands on approaches. Learning will resemble a family of learners, not a military formation. As a result, students will be actively engaged in all areas of kindergarten curricular content. Students will be reading, writing, speaking, and listening to make meaning of all new learning concepts. You might add that your classroom will be interactive, communicative, and inquiry-based. ...

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    This paper describes the constructivist theory of education.